Aon’s Bigblue Touch Group Pension Plan has a Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA) with Capital Cranfield Trustees Limited. The main role of the GAA is to assess the ongoing value for money for the members, and raise with Aon any concerns it may have about this. If the provider does not address the concerns to the satisfaction of the GAA, the GAA can escalate those concerns to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Here is a copy of the latest annual Chairman’s Report. Within this report, Aon disclose the illustrative example charges for Bigblue Touch’s funds. These are not personal illsutrations, they are based on the assumptions detailed within the appendix of the Chairman’s report. The purpose of the illustration is to show how fund related costs and charges can affect the overall value of the funds that the GAA have chosed to illustrate, over a period of time.

You can also view a copy of the latest annual Aon Investment Pathways Report. The GAA have conducted a rigorous assessment of the Value for Money delivered to Aon Investment Pathway investors. To read more please click here.

Here are those illustrative examples:
Aon GAA Illustrative Examples – 4 funds lowest charge
Aon GAA Illustrative Examples – 4 funds highest charge

You can read the Terms of Reference between Capital Cranfield Trustees Limited and Aon.

Previous copies of the annual chair reports are also available:

Reporting period to July 2016
Reporting period to July 2017
Reporting period to April 2018
Reporting period to April 2019
Reporting period to April 2020
Reporting period to December 2020
Reporting period to December 2021
Reporting period to December 2022

Member representation

If you are a member of Bigblue Touch, you are able to make your representations on any aspect of your pension policy known directly to the GAA, but please note that they are not able to deal with individual complaints or queries. If you wish to make a representation to the GAA, please write or email:

GAA Representation
Bigblue Touch GPP
Aon Employee Benefits
Briarcliff House Parc, Farnborough
Hants, GU14 7TE

Alternatively you can contact Capital Cranfield Trustees Limited directly by clicking here